Week 19

19beckyventeicher_hug me, VirginiaHug me, Virginia

Amanda-ODonoughue-look of love-Tallahassee-FLLook of Love, Tallahassee

stephaniejackson_hide and seek_ohio_wk19Hide and Seek, Oregon

jenc_the crown_liberty islandThe Crown, Liberty Island

breanna peterson. that's a wrap. alaskaThat’s a Wrap, Alaska

colleen_putman_hello_doll_manhattan (1)Hello Doll, Manhattan

jenlucas_asparagusseason_wi_week18Asparagus Season, WI

pamelajoye_week19_the-best-massage-in-the-most-unlikely-place-floridaThe Best Massage in the Most Unlikely Place, Florida

chloelodge_Max's rainbow_Dubai_week19Max’s Rainbow, Dubai

Kirsty Larmour_Garden Ornaments_Abu Dhabi_week 19jpgGarden Ornaments, Abu Dhabi

gingerwillard.green.virginiaGreen, Virginia

nicolaberry_Birthday Party Prep_New JerseyBirthday Party Prep, New Jersey

127.365Mother’s Day Nor’easter, Connecticut

jaroszkristine19_Liliacs of Seringenberg_Wassenaar_the netherlands-2Lilacs of Seringenberg, Wassenaar

amandafraser_rainydaysatthecreek_brisbaneaustralia_week19Rainy Days at the Creek, Brisbane, Australia

Deb Schwedhelm-Paros Island-GreeceParos Island, Greece

worm_sarah_scott_cleveland_ohioWorm, Cleveland, Ohio

MeghanHof-AtTheFarm-Oregon-WYWHAt the Farm, Oregon

The big wide world waits for her, I hope it will be kind to her-Frankston Australia-Megan-Gardner-Wk19The Big Wide World Waits for Her, I Hope It Will Be Kind, Frankston, Australia

Week 18

18beckyventeicher_morning, VirginiaMorning, Virginia

jenlucas_StillTulipsHere_WI_week18Still Tulips Here, WI

Kirsty Larmour_all the colours_Anu Dhabi_week 18All The Colours, Abu Dhabi

nicolaberry_British American Girls_New YorkBritish American Girls, New York

bigfun_sarahscott_ohioBig Fun, Ohio

jenc_safely out of reach_Pennsylvania_Safely Out of Reach, Pennsylvania

Exploring her world-Frankston-Australia-Megan-Gardner-Wk18Exploring Her World, Frankston, Australia

jaroskristine_Attractive Nuisance_Wassenarr_TheNetherlandsAttractive Nuisance, Wassenarr, The Netherlands

Amanda-ODonoughue-into the deep- Tallahassee-FloridaInto the deep, Tallahassee, Florida

Atticus.jpg Thurston.jpgMaking Amends, Ohio

123.365Drawing Class, Connecticut

chloelodge_Lolly Launch_Dubai_week 18Lolly Diving, Dubai

colleen_putman_my_sister_is_married_denverMy Sister Is Married, Denver

Week 17

Deb-Schwedhelm-Bucharest-RomaniaBucharest, Romania

colleen_putman_my_tiny_pup_manhattanMy Tiny Pup, Manhattan

gingerwillard.hidden.within.virginia.week17Hidden Within, Virginia

Things with wingsMay Day with Goose, Connecticut

17beckyventeicher_happy, VirginiaHappy, Virginia

jenlucas_LastSpringLight_WI_week17Last Spring Light, WI

chloelodge_Every day now_Dubai_week 17Every day now, Dubai

Kirsty Larmour_the fossil desert_Abu Dhabi_Week 17The Fossil Desert, Abu Dhabi

Atticus.jpg Thurston.jpgSometimes, Ohio

breanna peterson. his plants. alaskaHis Plants, Alaska

jenc_I Love You!_PennsylvaniaI Love You! Pennsylvania

jaroszkristine17_building a fort_Wassenaar_the netherlands-2Building a Fort, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

nicolaberry_Impressions of Spring, New JerseyImpressions of Spring, New Jersey

Week 16

pamelajoye_week16_a moment of normal in not normal times_massachusettsA moment of normal in not normal times, Massacusetts

110.365First College Tour, MIT, Massachusetts

jenlucas_SharedReading_WI_week16Shared Reading, Wisconsin

Rowe Timson_Workspace love_Bali_Week 16Workspace Love, Bali

Jenc_Andrew Treasures_PennsylvaniaAndrew Treasures, Pennsylvania

Deb-Schwedhelm_Lennon-Wall_PragueLennon Wall, Prague, Czech Republic

nicolaberry_At least one of us can focus, New JerseyAt least one of us can focus, New Jersey

16beckyventeicher_making rainbows, VirginiaMaking Rainbows, Virginia

Kirsty Larmour_Sunny Sailing Days _Abu Dhabi_Week 16Sunny Sailing Days, Abu Dhabi

MeghanHof-ForestKindergarten-OregonForest Kindergarten, Oregon
JaroszKristine15_Looking West_Sea Beach_CaliforniaLooking West, Sea Beach, California

CovenOtto.jpg, EllaGraceOtto.jpg, EvieHelligso.jpgFeels like Spring, Alaska

Amanda-ODonoughue_stray-hairs_FloridaStray Hairs, Florida

chloelodge_Feeling brighter_Dubai_week16Feeling Brighter, Dubai

colleen_putman_butterflies_in_my_stomach_manhattanButterflies in my stomach, Manhattan, New York

16-kaypickens-WaitingForDad-Columbia-MO-7205Waiting for Dad, Columbia, Missouri

Efi Panagoula_boy and pig_GreeceBoy and Pig, Greece

felicedouglas_the arrival_GermanyThe Arrival, Germany

Week 15

jenlucas_NationalCivilRightsMuseum_Memphis,TN_week 15National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, Tennessee

Amanda-ODonoughue-after-supper-conference-call-with-grandparents-FLAAfter supper conference call with grandparents, Florida

charlainewilliams_trainstation_IllinoisTrain Station, Illinios

15beckyventeicher_adventure awaits, VirginiaAdventure Awaits, Virginia

Rowe Timson_Sweetest of friends_Balian_Bali_Week 15Sweetest of Friends, Balian, Bali

Kirsty Larmour_Accidental Rome_Italy_Week 15Accidental Rome, Italy

breanna peterson. five. alaskaFive, Alaska

felicedouglas_meet Karsten_GermanyMeet Karsten, Germany

chloelodge_Bonding_Dubai_week 15Bonding, Dubai

MeghanHof-NewBall-OregonNew Ball, Oregon

colleen_putman_spring_has_sprung_manhattanSpring has Sprung, Manhattan, New York

easter_sarahscott_cleveland_ohioEaster, Cleveland, Ohio

jenc_dyin' eggs_pennsylvaniaEggs, Pennsylvania

amandafraser_freezingwaterdoesntkeephimout_brisbaneaustralia_week15Freezing water doesn´t keep him out, Brisbane, Australia

JaroszKristine_California Redwoods_californiaCalifornia Redwoods, California

nicolaberry_Blue Sky Powder Day, Lake Tahoe, CaliforniaBlue Sky Powder Day, Lake Tahoe, California

pamelajoye_week15_i hope we are here tomorrow_massachusettsI hope we are here tomorrow, Massachusetts

102.365April Showers, Connecticut

Week 14

nicolaberry_New Swing_New JerseyNew Swing, New Jersey

collen_putman_spring_is_here_manhattanSpring is here, Manhattan

spring_sarahscott_cleveland_ohioSpring, Cleveland, Ohio

Kirsty Larmour_this way and that_France_week 14This way and that, France

MeghanHof-MessAndMayhem-OregonMess and Mayhem, Oregon

EllaGraceOtto.jpgPancakes, Alaska

jenc_twin birthday_pennsylvaniaTwin Birthday, Pennsylvania

Rowe Timson_Penjor lined streets_Galungan_Bali_week 14Penjor lined streets, Galungan, Bali

gingerwillard.birdsongsathome.virginiaBird songs at home, Virginia

100.365Finally feels like spring, Connecticut

felicedouglas_on the hunt_GermanyOn the hunt, Germany

jenlucas_RacingTheTrain_SomewhereInIllinois_week14Racing the rain, Somewhere in Illinois

amandafraser_exploringonfootandwheels_brisbane_week14Exploring on foot and wheels, Brisbane

jaroszkristine14_Cycling in Hyacinths_Noordwijerhout_The NetherlandsCycling in Hyacinths, Noordwijerhout, the Netherlands

chloelodge_The garden pool is warm again_Dubai_week 14The garden pool is warm again, Dubai

Amanda-ODonoughue-there are things you can't unsee-Tallahassee-FloridaThere are things you can´t unsee, Tallahassee, Florida

Deb-Schwedhelm-Blue Lagoon-IcelandBlue Lagoon, Iceland

pamelajoye_week14_holding onto the long view_massachusettsHolding onto the long view, Massachusetts

Week 13

MeghanHof-Week13-SundayShenanigans-OregonSunday Shenanigans, Oregon

JaroszKristine13_Bollenstreek_Voorhout_The NetherlandsBollenstreek Voorhout, the Netherlands

nicolaberry_First Film_New JerseyFirst Film, New Jersey

090.365Saved from the freezing rain, Connecticut

pamelajoye_week13-a mirror-of-my-mind-despite-the-news-massachusettsA mirror of my mind despite the news, Massachusetts

Amanda-ODonoughue-Emily's Birds-Lakeworth-FLAEmily’s Birds, Lake Worth, Florida

amandafraser_schoolholidays_brisbane_week13School Holidays, Brisbane, Australia

Kirsty Larmour_On our way_Geneva_Switzerland_week 13On Our Way, Geneva, Switzerland

13beckyventeicher_for the love of mud, VirginiaFor the love of mud, Virginia

Bathtime with nanny-San Remo, Australia-Megan-Gardner-Wk13-Megan GardnerBathtime with Nanny, San Remo, Australia

chloelodge_my boys are back_Dubai_week 13My boys are back, Dubai

felicedouglas_somewhere_GermanySomewhere, Germany

Thurston.jpgAs bright as the sun, Ohio

jenlucas_WormRides, WI_week13Worm Rides, Wisconsin

jenc_studying for map test_pennsylvaniaStudying for map test, Pennsylvania

colleen_putman_come_fly_with_me_floridaFly with me, Florida

Efi Panagoula_From where I stand_GreeceFrom where I stand, Greece

Week 12

Efi Panagoula_waking with you_GreeceWaking with you, Greece

12beckyventeicher_freeFree, Virginia

MeghanHof-MorningRoutine-Week12-2Morning Routine, Oregon

JaroszKristine12_Ben's New Friend_Wassenaar_The NetherlandsBen’s New Friend, The Netherlands

chloelodge_After the rain_Dubai wk12After the Rain, Dubai

Amanda-ODonoughue-spring- Tallahassee-FLSpring, Florida

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetExploring Anza, California

Kirsty Larmour double trouble-Abu Dhabi_week 12Double Trouble, Abu Dhabi

Rowe Timson_Melasti Purification Ceremony_Petitenget Bali_wk12.jpgMelasti Purification Ceremony, Bali

jenlucas_PierIsIn_WI_week12Pier Is In, Wisconsin 

pamelajoye_week12-into-the-great-wide-open-massachusettsInto the Great Wide Open, Massachusetts

nicolaberry_The quiet during the storm_New JerseyThe quiet during the storm, New Jersey

sarahscott_lastsnowballfight__cleveland_ohioLast Snow Ball Fight?, Ohio

colleen_putman_sky_blue_pink_palm_beach_floridaSky Blue Pink, Florida

jenc_move your feet lose your seat_pennsylvania-2You move your feet, You lose your seat, Pennsylvania

085.365Some Bunnies Love You, Massachusetts

Week 11

nicolaberry_Determination_New JerseyDetermination, New Jersey

jenlucas_TreatNight_WI_week11Treat Night, Wisconsin

071.365Snowing Outside and Inside, Connecticut

KarenPorter_WinterStormFun_NYWinter Storm Fun, New York

pamelajoye_week11-i was wrong - winter returned -massachusettsI was wrong, Winter returned, Massachusetts

Sunset on Holiday-CoolangattaSunset on Holiday, Coolangatta, Australia

colleen_putman_golden_downtown_light_manhattanGolden Downtown Light, Manhattan, New York

Kirsty Larmour all the colours-Abu Dhabi_week 11All the Colors, Abu Dhabi

JaroszKristine11_Skating_Wassenaar_The NetherlandsSkating, The Netherlands

jenc_self portrait_pennsylvaniaSelf-Portrait, Pennsylvania

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset Spring, Greece

Deb-Schwedhelm-palm-shadows-Carson-City-NevadaPalm Shadows, Carson City, Nevada

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset All settled in, California

chloelodge_Always together_week 11_DubaiAlways Together, Dubai

Amanda-ODonoughue-Sam's New Move- Florida-WK11Sam’s New Move, Florida

sarahscott_grannywashere_cleveland_ohioGranny was Here, Ohio

MeghanHof-pre-bedtime secrets- OregonPre-Bedtime Secrets, Oregon

Rowe Timson_Afternoon story telling_Umalas Bali_week 11Afternoon Storytelling, Bali

Week 10

JaroszKristine10_Homework_Wassenaar_The NetherlandsHomework Wassenaar, The Netherlands 

colleen_putman_winter_bubbles_manhattanWinter Bubbles, Manhattan, New York

MeghanHof-Week10-Explorer-OregonA break from the rain, Oregon

breannapeterson. spring break. alaskaSpring Break, Alaska

felicedouglas_sun´s out_GermanySun’s Out, Germany

gingerwillard.robin.in.the.snowRobin in the Snow, Virginia

jenlucas_SnowPlow, Wisconsin_Snow Plow, Wisconsin

069.365Snow Bubbles, Connecticut

nicolaberry_Playing in the snow_New JerseyFiguring out the snow, New Jersey

stephaniejackson_spring forward_ohio_wk10Spring Forward, Ohio

jenc_portrait of evan_pennsylvaniaPortrait of Evan, Pennsylvania

chloelodge_Pool weather returns_Dubai_week 10Pool weather returns, Dubai

pamelajoye_week10-looking for beauty in surreal times -massachusettsLooking for beauty in surreal times, Massachusetts

Kirsty Larmour sick day-Abu Dhabi_week 10Sick Day, Abu Dhabi

Amanda-ODonoughue-Baby in the night-FLABaby in the Night, Florida

Deb-Schwedhelm_Last-Stop_Yokosuka-JapanLast Stop, Yokosuka, Japan